Meet the Artist - Lisa Courtney

An up-close image of the artist Lisa Courtney smiling.
I voraciously studied people I wished to emulate. Hockney, Hopper, Wolf Khan, the Fauves, Fairfield Porter, and Matisse became my mentors. 
I come from a long line of artists— my great-grandfather, New York artist Curtis Sisco, painted portraits of celebrities, including Louis Armstrong. My grandmother, Marion Virginia Neer, painted thousands of landscapes for collectors throughout New England. As a child, I would sit at her kitchen table and together we would draw. My parents recognized my talent at an early age and sent me to private art lessons with a local artist. 
I attended the Art Institute of Boston and graduated with a BFA in advertising and graphic design. I am an award-winning Creative Director and fine artist. I’ve had a long career as a graphic designer, building successful brands for international companies. I started painting in my early 30s, I picked up a paint brush and it was, and still is, like breathing for me. I realized I had a voice that needed to be expressed through paint. 

Only recently did I begin to illustrate. I began doing a drawing a day, posting them daily on Instagram. 

I have used this background plus my love of art to create Lisa Courtney Designs. 100% silk, luxury scarves that capture my illustrations, drawings, and paintings. 
I searched around the world and sourced the perfect silk scarf company to print my drawings. I basically created scarves that do not exist but I wanted to wear. I took what I love doing and turned it into wearable works of art. Each piece is a showcase of individual designs, curated for those with discerning taste.